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Happy birthday

Happy birthday and best wishes buddy!!!

Happy Birthday

Wishing you the best on your birthday... enjoy! because this is your day Origa


moonlit clouds
nothing in between
but silence

A Walk at the Temple Tanjo-ji (Okayama)

at the temple's entrance
are pines and bamboos

gingko tree
all silent and bare...
winter song

a bare tree...
winter doves spare
its crown

temple ground -
the pages of history
on old, bare trees

I quiver from the touch
of the wind

soft wind
kisses the temple's doorsteps...
my Amida

the temple's
majestic stance...

ahhh the pines...
the leaves prick me back
to my senses

the Buddha...
even the trees bow
in reverence

at the temple...
the bell remains mute
as I pray

December haiku & senryu

faithful treks
the cold and dreary road
Midnight Mass

cold December night
moon hangs frozen
and so cold

cold spell
grasshoppers' eggs lay
buried in the ground

cold winter night
carollers sing "Noel"
a capella

cold December night
sumptuous feast are ready
for Noche Buena

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!!!


3rd Post: Fiesta Scenes & Other Haiku

ropes block
the street entrance -
fiesta scenes commence

aiming for the flag
boys play the “palo sebo” -
strained necks all agog

greasy coconut -
boys hustle and jostle
prize at the end line

menfolks prepare -
the piglet is let loose
for the keeper

I stand for my turn
to take a solid crack -
pot is evasive

a piece of clay pot
hit me on the face
after the strike

the end of summer
is declared -
the croaking of frogs

sugar apple
melts in the mouth
anguish forgotten

“Palo sebo” is a game during fiesta
where contestants take turn in climbing
the top of a greased bamboo pole. The
objective is to get the red flag at the top
of the pole. The taker wins a fun prize.

2nd Post

Manila Bay  - 
the setting sun
that eyes could see

by the roadside
fat crabs for sale
compete with oysters

the fruitstands
offer fruits - 
and vinegar too

ah! the journey
from one stall to the other -
stirs the vendors

Haiku 5

a sparrow

creates a bird trail - 

then it flies

Haiku 4

a bunch of nude tykes

prepares for the dive - 

river full of grime